Viticultural Innovations and Equipment at SITEVI.

Key Figures

  • One farm in five has a vine-winegrowing activity. There are 85,000 of them in France. 57% of volumes produced are vinified by individual wineries. The remaining 43% are vinified by the 1,500 winemakers and dealers and cooperatives. (Source CNIV)
  • France currently has 47,269 wineries with a total production of €218,182 (source: Axema economic report 23).
  • In 2019, France produced 4.2 billion litres of wine, making up 17% of global production. It is the second largest producer of wine in the world by volume, behind Italy. Three quarters of the wines produced are still wines, 55% of which are red, 26% white and 19% rose. (Source CNIV)
  • While the surface area of vineyards makes up 3% of French agricultural area, wine represents 15% of farm output by value (value at base price, €12.5 billion at production). (Source CNIV)
  • Nearly 500,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by viticulture in France. (Source CNIV) *
  • 786 000 ha France accounts for 11.2% of the worldwide surface area devoted to winegrowing*
  • The French vine and wine growing sector is established in 66 departements*
  • 1 farm in 5 has a vine-winegrowing activity. There are 59,000 of them in France.*

*Press release september 2023