The search for new solutions and new technologies is increasingly becoming a priority for producers, to make up for a lack of manpower, improve their productivity or even their comfort at work.

That's why companies responding to these new issues have a prominent place at SITEVI. And to give everyone the chance to take part in the show, LAB TECH will be launched in 2023, in partnership with Agri Sud Ouest Innovation, La Ferme Digitale and La Wine Tech.

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At LABTECH, more than 15 companies will be showcasing their innovations, and will be available to professionals for mini-conferences, round tables and pitches.

Overview of the companies and their innovative solutions at lab tech (non-exhaustive list)

At 285kelvin, we specialize in blind wine tasting, offering a unique platform to assess and promote your wines based on their intrinsic quality rather than the label. Our method eliminates potential biases related to label recognition, allowing for a pure and genuine appreciation of each vintage. In addition to organizing tasting events, we also collaborate with wine merchants who practice blind tasting, creating additional opportunities to showcase your products. With 285kelvin, maximize the visibility and appreciation of your wines in the wine world.

B&S Tech is a family start-up created in 2019 expert in the development of low and non-alcoholic beverages. Our mission is to offer producers and distributors of wines, beers and spirits the opportunity to qualitatively reduce the amount of alcohol in their beverage while maintaining the contributions and benefits of the original product.

B&S tech supports producers in the creation of their low or non-alcoholic beverage, from laboratory testing to industrialization, but also in the choice of their equipment.

Cap 2020 provides its customers with information for the assessment and control of agroclimatic and pest-related risks, through two services :

  • a metIS® service that provides agroclimatic data and agronomic expertise to anticipate or analyze risks to crops and the execution of cultivation operations,
  • a range of CapTrap® connected traps for real-time monitoring of insect pests and biodiversity in agricultural areas.
Founded in 2015 in France, winetech Chouette offers a precision viticulture solution to optimize winegrowers' decision-making, in particular to help them reduce their use of inputs while securing their yields. More than a hundred vineyards currently rely on Chouette for precise vineyard monitoring, representing over 20,000 hectares. In February, the French leader in vineyard health diagnostics and management solutions successfully closed a €5 million Series A financing round to accelerate growth, roll out its solution in France and Europe, and continue to develop innovative services for winegrowers.
Wind power differently, now : the ambition of Collaborative Energy, rurale startup, is to truly change the paradigm of wind power and now, on one hand through disruptive solutions that do answer to strong environmental, societal, performances, sovereignty and competitiveness requirements, and on the other through a citizen-based approach duly rooted in local communities : Collaborative Energy thus proposes solutions for collective self-consumption, especially for the agricultural sector.
Farm3 is a team of impact inventors: we invent the plants of the future, more resistant to climate change and GMO-free. We're also inventing the machines that will produce them in volume, in an ecological, climate-proof way, and on French soil. Today, 40% of plant species are threatened with extinction by climate change, with a direct impact on our industry (viticulture, agri-food). Farm3's mission is to generate agronomic data through experimentation, then process it with our AI to offer our industrial customers innovative production machines tailored to their activity and their high value-added plants.
GREEN IMPULSE, a start-up created in 2019 in Angers, specialises in the development of biosolutions against plant diseases in agriculture, some of which are particularly innovative. It is committed to reducing the use of conventional pesticides and relies on a young team of 12 people who are in full development. Green Impulse is a winner of the prestigious i-Lab and i-Nov national competitions, and has also been accredited by the Végépolys-Valley competitiveness cluster. It is a young innovative company and a member of French Tech 2030 and the BPI Excellence club.
MYCEA innovates and designs tomorrow's bio-solutions for a sustainable agriculture. We research and develop natural alternatives to conventional plant protection products and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture. Our innovation resides in exploring the biological and biochemical properties of fungi, to develop biopesticides and biostimulants that respect the environment and human health.
MYCOPHYTO provides concrete solutions for regenerative agriculture. The company, founded in 2017, develops unique biological soil revitalization solutions to reduce water and chemical fertilizer inputs (up to 20% reduction in water and synthetic fertilizers) through the optimization of associations between plants and mycorrhizal fungi adapted to each territory and each crop.

MyEasyFarm : An unavoidable player in precision farming, MyEasyFarm is the premium solution to manage a farm at one’s fingertips and monitor activities in real time. Easy to use and secure, MyEasyFarm centralises all your data and agricultural activities.

Defining plots, planning the work to be carried out every day, allocating machines and workers to each task and analysing the results of a season’s work all become very easy. The digital platform simply aggregates the different sources of intra-plot data. The direct connection with the farm equipment is one of its assets. No more flash drives! Everything is done in a click to send input modulation data to the control panels of the tractors, and in the other direction to record the work performed! In short, farmers can apply the right quantity of inputs in the right place at the right time, with the aim being to increase yield while protecting the environment. In addition, since the solution is interoperable, it dovetails with all existing programs and all tractor control panels, saving a lot of data entry time.

To go even further in supporting farmers in their everyday jobs while taking environmental issues into consideration, MyEasyFarm launches MyEasyCarbon. In connection with the future Row Crop Low Carbon label, the solution aims to analyse the farm and define an action plan to substantially reduce carbon emissions and create carbon credits over several years.

Ombrea develops agrivoltaic solutions for outdoor crops (vineyards, fruit trees, or field crops). We pilot agrivoltaic systems, equipped with solar panels placed above agricultural plots. Our goal is to create the ideal microclimate for the proper development of the crop, even in the event of extreme climatic hazards (drought, heat wave, hail, etc.). The solution developed by Ombrea thus combines crop protection and renewable energy production.

OpenWineData offers the wine industry a common platform for accessible, reliable, standardized and secure data offers.

Why is data crucial to transform the wine sector and help it face the challenges of tomorrow? The amount of data generated by new vintages over the last 50 years is exponential. There is no reliable source aggregating this information and making it available and usable to the 558,000 professionals working in the wine sector in France. On a global scale, at least 5 times more data on wine is generated. The opportunity to gather, structure and valorize this data in France can allow our vineyards to stay ahead and position France as the world leader in data in the wine sector.

OpenWineData is a common good at the service of the competitiveness of the French sector. The digitalization of our societies leads to a structural and technological platformization of the economy. In this context, the French wine industry of excellence risks being intermediated by actors, mostly foreigners, who capture its value. From raw data to business impact, the platform democratizes access to data and allows the sector to be more competitive and enhance the quality of French production. The pooling of digital infrastructures allows the sector to innovate in conjunction with public research actors and start-ups. The creation of Data commons makes it possible to develop innovative solutions to conquer new international markets.

  • Defending €76bn in turnover
  • Gain 3% market share
  • Increase + €100M startup capitalization

Sesa, where smart solar meets better farming the green industrial solution of the future.

SESA is a Greentech startup that is developing an innovative photovoltaic energy deployment solution that simultaneously uses land areas for the production of solar and agricultural energy, called agrivoltaics.

With EcoTrack, SESA is developing a photovoltaic shade orientable along 1 axis.

It stands out with an innovative design, an eco-designed structure and unique control software which benefits from more than 10 years of know-how from the CNRS PROMES research laboratory.

Wine Pilot is the dedicated branch of Food Pilot, our digital solution for measuring and managing :

  1. environmental progress and decarbonization of your products
  2. your company's CSR progress

Wine Pilot primarily addresses the decarbonization challenge focusing on vineyards for climate strategy management (with ADELPHE ) and for companies aiming to manage decarbonization, with SBTI goals.

Wine Pilot also enables companies to monitor other environmental KPIs (in addition to carbon) and to measure their environmental footprint through scores. Last but not least, Wine Pilot enables the environmental pillar to be implemented as part of a comprehensive CSR management.

Formerly LiveMarket, Wineriz was created in 2020 to support winegrowers in their commercial strategy and customer loyalty. Today, Wineriz offers a holistic approach to customer relations for all producers in the wine and spirits industry. The solution provides owners and managers with the tools to effectively run their business without using half a dozen different software.

An expanded offering in the Lab Tech area

Aptimiz is the co-pilot of your wine estates. Its technology optimizes its organization, automates the traceability of all interventions and actions and, it improves its management via precise and innovative indicators. Aptimiz operations are based on real-time measurements of all the activities carried out by men and machines.
Baqio is the first 100% web-based software made for the wine and spirits industry. Available anywhere, anytime. Whether you are on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone, at the office or on the go, you can log into your account and securely access all of your data. Baqio includes all the necessary functionalities for the day-to-day management: inventory management, customers CRM, orders/invoicing, customs declaration (DRM, DAE, DSA, DEB..), statistics, point of sales, etc.

Naïo Technologies is a French start-up, a pioneer and global leader in agricultural robotics.

Created just over ten years ago by two passionate engineers from the agricultural sector, Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes, Naïo Technologies is convinced that it is possible to respect and celebrate our heritage while daring to shape the future and our ecological transition towards a more environmentally friendly precision agriculture that respects ecosystems and humans.

That is why Naïo develops 100% electric and autonomous robots that allow farmers to focus on higher value-added tasks (and leave the robot to take care of tasks such as sowing or weeding), reduce the labor intensity of work or even compensate for the lack of manpower.

Weenat : Thanks to this information, they can improve their farm's technical, economic and environmental performance, because every decision they make is based on data collected as close to the crop as possible.

In 2021, Weenat acquired Weather Measures, a leader in spatialized meteorology for the agricultural sector. Its multi-source algorithm makes it possible to provide spatialized weather data with an accuracy of one square kilometer.

The new entity integrates the entire agro-meteorological data value chain and now has more than 50 employees, 160 partners and agricultural distributors, 18,000 users and 12,000 sensors installed in 8 European countries.