Emilie & Benjamin, who are you and what do you do?

Emilie & Benjamin, who are you and what do you do ?

We're a couple of winegrowers from the Hérault region. Our estate is located in Montady, and we are also content creators on YouTube. We present our profession to our community through entertaining videos on our channel.

Why do you visit SITEVI ?

SITEVI gives us the opportunity to discover all the new products on the market and to meet other winemakers. It's also a great opportunity to chat with our subscribers!

Tell us about your fondest SITEVI memory, and how long have you been attending ?

We've been coming to SITEVI for 15 years now, so it feels a bit like home! As far as memories go, there are plenty... Visiting the show backstage with Gilbert is one of our favorite moments. But there are also the meetings with subscribers and the evenings with other content creators.

What are your expectations for 2023 ?

For the 2023 edition, we're hoping to discover a whole host of new features that will help us save time on the vines. This is an essential criterion for us in response to everyday needs.

What are your current challenges and how does the show address them ?

Today, like the rest of the agricultural and wine-growing sector, we are affected by the problem of climate change, and at the same time face problems of wine marketing. SITEVI, with the diversity and richness of its content, helps us to find solutions in this direction.